Welcome to the Queen's College on-line site. This site is part of our desire to reach our students in a variety of ways. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the teaching and learning process, thereby improving academic achievement at our school.
As an effective school, we aim for excellence and accept nothing less than excellence.
This on-line site has been established to assist our students to learn better, to improve their study skills and to enjoy the content of the various subject areas while they learn. Please recognise that this is not replacing classroom tuition; it is merely enhancing it.
Use the site wisely and strive for excellence. Our workers and leaders of the future will have to develop a good work ethic if the nation of Barbados is to achieve First World status by 2025.

Dr. David V. C. Browne

Queen's College, Barbados

  • 6th Form Booklet

    The link below takes you to the booklet for 6th form studies. All prospective Lower 6 students for September 2017 should read this document carefully before choosing any courses.

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